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A colleague and I were talking about Google Apps today and how they are a great tool do you in the classroom.  Before class the other night, neither of us were all that familiar with them, we had heard about them but were not really aware of how to use them.  I was only familiar with Google Docs and have only explored it a little bit.  It was so nice to have Lisa Thumann enlighten us on these powerful online tools  and how to use them (and they’re free to use too!). I definitely can see myself using Docs, Spread Sheets, Forms, and Power Point with my students next year.  Not only do the kids have the option of working on the assignments at school, but an work on them at home as long as they have access to the internet.  What a great Writer’s Workshop too and a non threatening way to keep track of your students writing growth.

The tools are very user friendly and a fantastic assessment tool.  And they also promote a greener classroom.  You will not have to print off any assignments if you do not want to.  Also, Google Educators also helps you find activities and other ideas on how to use these tools in your classroom.  What a great support!

“Since we launched Google for Educators, many teachers have come to us with stories of how Google products are helping them in the classroom. Here, we’d like to share some of what we’ve heard about the products that comprise Google tools for educators, including three new products, Google News, Google Page Creator and Google Groups. And be sure to check out some examples of teacher work in the new classroom activities section. Lastly, we’ve added some handy tips posters, which you can print out and hang in your classrooms, computer labs and libraries. ”

So my colleague and I are thinking of exploring Google Apps a bit more thoroughly and possibly creating a digital project by sharing our knowledge about the tools with others.

Please share your thoughts about Google Apps with me on my latest form.

Any information helps.

Thanks 🙂


2 responses to “Google Apps

  1. I use Google everyday in my Agricultural Communications Class. I have also put on workshops for other teachers on incorporating Google into schools for staff, students, and parents.

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