Web 2.0 – We are the web

On Twitter I have been noticing lots of people referring to Web 2.o and have had no idea what they were talking about.  A colleague and I were discussing the things that it could be last night and ended back at square one in the end: we did not a clue about what it could be.  So I decided that I would make it my Sunday mission – to find out what Web 2.o actually is.  Thanks to Rob Wall and Wikipedia, I think I have a pretty good understanding about what people mean when referring to Web 2.0.  Here is what I have discovered.

What is Web 2.0?
Web 2.0 is a set of services that are delivered using the web.  It is a way of connecting with others to share ideas, thoughts, reflections, and ourselves.   Web 2.0 is linking people – people sharing, trading, and collaborating.

The term “Web 2.0” describes the changing trends in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design that aim to enhance creativity, communications, secure information sharing, collaboration and functionality of the web.”

What do these services include?
Web. 2.o includes many services; it is not just text, but sharing video sites, social networking sites, wikis, blogs, bookmarking accounts, Flickr accounts, and cloud computing.  The list goes on.  It does a lot more than just allow users to retrieve information; it allows users to organize the data, create data bases, create links and relationships with people all over the world, real people who you would never meet in real world.  It allows you to connect to anyone anywhere, to share your stories and broaden your horizons.  Its so simple.

So share yourself with the virtual world; exist in Web 2.0.  After all, digital text is better.  Better yet different.  The Web is different. We are the Web.


3 responses to “Web 2.0 – We are the web

  1. I’m glad my comments were helpful and gave you a chance to create your own understanding of what web 2.0 (ugh – I still don’t like the term) is all about. For me, the most important aspect is the way that it connects me to other people.

  2. To me, web 2.0 is about the shift in the way that businesses think about the web. In “web 1.0”, businesses saw the web as a publishing tool, sort of like an extension to other forms of marketing. With web 2.0 the businesses started thinking more in terms of user participation. Anytime you see terms like “user generated content”, “wisdom of the crowds”, and “crowdsourcing”, that’s all related to web 2.0.

    The key thing is that it is a business movement, and not a technological one. Web 1.0 technologies are fundamentally the same as web 2.0 ones, maybe just a bit more polished.

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