Making Connections

Over the course of the week I have really been thinking about all the connections I have been making throughout my Pesronal Learning Network.

CONNECTIONS: a relation between two things or events.

The connections I am making are growing every day.  I am following, and am being followed, by new people on Twitterconnecting through Twitter.  My blog stats are now almost at 1000.  I get rather excited everytime I post on my blogClustr Map is an excellent visual for where people from who are reading my thoughts as well.   One again, I am connecting to people through my blog.  Whenever I read someone else’s blog posts, I am making connections to what I am reading, making relatoins between two things or events.  When listening to the lecture in my computer class I am connecting to what is being said, I am relating the information to background knowledge or to an experience I have had.  I am making connections to friends everytime I check my Facebook page, send a text message, or even when walking to school and notice that the girl I just walked past is wearing the same jacket as me.  Making connections is constant.
every day.  I have never met most of these people face to face before, and I probably never will.  But we are and notice how how many people are reading my thoughts.  The

Making connections happen every day in everything that you are doing.  Most of the time you don’t even realize it.  It can be anywhere, anytime, and about anything.  From the foods you are eating, to clothes you are wearing, to TV shows you are watching.  We are constantly making connections to make life make sense .  The connections have to be there in order to learn and be interested.  Where would we be without these connections?

One of the more recent connections I have made lately was the connection I made to a few of the students’ blogs in EC&I 831 class.  I was speaking to my sister on Facebook chat earlier this week and she told me that one of our previous high school teachers had seen one of my assignments in a class he was taking .   I was proud but rather confused; what assignment of mine would show up in class in my home town, which is 6 hours north of where I currently live and how would it get there?  I thought about it for a little while before it dawned on me.  I made the connection. This teacher must be talking about my blog or my personal documentation of my technological growth I am keeping in a Google Doc.  The prof, who happens to be my prof as well, must have showed it to the class in an Elluminate sesson.  My assignment had been displayed and the connection was made.    It had to be it, it couldn’t be anything else.  As it turns out, 3 of my former high school teachers are taking that class while working on their masters.  I realized this by checking out the participant directory on the class wiki. And there they were, Mr H, Mr G, and Mr M (sorry guys, but you will always be a Mr to me.  Using a first name would just be too weird).  This connectionAnd with the right tools, you can connect to anyone/anything in the entire world.
I had just made turned into an ‘uh huh’ moment for me.  The world really isn’t as big as you think it is.


Where would we be without these connections?


One response to “Making Connections

  1. I love those serendipitous moments. I have “run” into many people online with whom I had previous contacts. The online connections allow those relationships to bloom anew.Fun!

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