Major Digital Project

For my ECMP 455 class we are to complete a Major Digital Project. My colleague, Kristina, and I are working together for this project and have come up with the idea of creating an extensive ‘How to Wiki’. This wiki will be a step by step tutorial on how to use a program that you can apply to your classroom. We are hoping to include some lesson plans and other activities to make this project useful and resourceful, as well as engage a form of digital learning for your students.

So our question for you is: What application do you want to see a Resource made up on? Is there any other information you would like to see on this Wiki? Would you like this focused on any particular subject? Any other suggestions.

We have created a Google Form for you to share your thoughts and ideas about our idea. Thanks so much for your help; the project would not be the same without your input.

Below is the way we will be assessed on this assignment for your reference.

Major Digital Project

Students will develop a digital project related to technology in teaching and learning. This project is wide-open to possibilities. Some ideas: portion of an online course or unit, digital video (e.g., presentation, advertisement), educational resource website, course blog or wiki, etc. Students will be expected to submit a proposal for approval. There will be a reflective component to each project, which will be tied in to the blogfolio.



5 responses to “Major Digital Project

  1. hmmm… this post looks very familiar! haha… Did you copy and paste from my blog or do we just think the same? hehehe

  2. I used yours as a guideline, but I do think we think a long the same lines hehe. That’s what going to school together for 4 years does to a person I think 😉

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  4. Hi Sarah,

    Wanted to drop you a line to thank you for this post. It inspired me to investigate google forms and ultimately to write a new blog. You can see it at This blog almost wrote itself!

  5. I like your idea Many teachers do not know what wiki’s are or how toi use them. A step by step tutorial with screencasts could prove beneficial, with links to other teacher/student wiki’s. A unit on the wiki may be a good resource as well.

    I am thinking of putting together a wiki for our admin. group, to share our school goals. In school administrators would need quick tutorial on how to create pages and insert content.

    Just an idea?

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