After watching the video David After Dentist I couldn’t help but feel sorry for this little boy.  First of all, I think that it is a little embarrassing for this boy to have his mental state after a trip to the dentist viewed by millions of people. People whom he doesn’t even know.  I cant understand why his dad would want to put this on you tube.  Yes he is sharing his experience for his social network.  Yes he is allowing for other family/friends to take part in the whole dentist experience.  I think that this was a rather private experience and should have been kept within the family.

I’m sure the father didn’t mean for it to be turned into what it was; with today’s technology anything can be turned into anything.  I wonder what his reaction was when watching all the remix versions people made of his son’s visit to the dentist.  Did he regret posting it on the net for everyone to see?  Did he realize that this could indeed cause problems for his son in school when other students see this video.  As an educator, I would be nervous that poor David would be bullied because of it.

The most amazing part of the whole thing is how many people have watched this video.  It hasn’t been on the internet for more than a few weeks and almost 10,000,000 people have viewed it!  Wow!

It is because of situations like this, and of Alec’s whole Flickr realization, that make me a little nervous about sharing my life on the Internet for others to see.  But this is the way of the future and I need to embrace tomorrow’s discoveries with open arms.  Even though I am stepping out of my comfort zone for my computer class I can’t help but feel this personal learning experience broadening my horizons and motivate me to continue trying new things and inspiring others to follow in my footsteps. 🙂

Get Connected! Be  Open Minded!  Be Creative!  Be Teachable!


2 responses to “Hesitation

  1. Hi. I appreciated your perspective on the video of the boy after visting the dentist. The use of internet for sharing video, etc. raises ethical questions. It wasn’t long ago that videocaming was a relatively private experience. This has changed with use of social networking and other venue and I wonder if we’ve really considered the implications. Thank-you for your thoughts. Have fun with the class!

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