Leaving On a Jet Plane!

Ah yes, my last Reading Week break of my life.  Next February,  I will be spending my week at conferences and adding to my professional development.  All I will be able to enjoy is Family Day…unless I am subbing that is, and then I’ll have the whole week.

For my break this year I am heading to Mexico with my family for one last family vacation before my sister and I get families of our own and are unable to have the convenient vacation time  that we do while we are students. (Even though I will always consider myself a student; just because my future will consist of lots and lots of work, I hope to never stop learning!).

I plan on using this vacation also as a learning experience and for a different version of professional development; my learning will be completely hands on and experiential.  I will not be sitting at a table listening to a speaker.  Instead, I will be learning about the Mayan civilization by seeing it with my own eyes, taking part in the culture as I try new food, listen to the language, walk amongst the ancient ruins, and in many other ways.  This is by far the best way to learn about something new and to develop professionally about the different cultures that are found in our world.

The only unfortunate part is that I will be pretty close to being disconnected from my life here in Regina.  I will have no cell coverage and am not taking my lap top with me because I don’t think there is wireless Internet at my resort (although it is a 5 star resort, I do not now how connected Mexico is to the world wide web).  There will be a computer there for me to use though and I hope to get online once or twice to check my messages and possibly post about my experiences.  Maybe this disconnection won’t drive me as crazy as I think it will and will be kind of like a cleanse?  We shall see!

See you all in a week!!



One response to “Leaving On a Jet Plane!

  1. Have a great trip Sarah! Enjoy the disconnect! I always find it hard, but it is kind of nice at the same time! See you in a week!

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