I have always wanted to give Glogster a try and after seeing a collegues go at it I finally had the motivation to check it out.  I decided to make a page about my recent trip to the Mayan Riviera, Mexico (which by the way was absolutely fabulous!) and include some of the photos I took showing my adventures.

Click here to see my finished result!  It took me about an hour to make, but maybe it would take less time if/when I try it again.

I think Glogster has many advantages and disadvantages to it.


I am curious to hear everyone else’s thoughts about Glogster – if you like it, how you se it, what age you use it with, etc?


3 responses to “Glogster

  1. rochelleanderson

    Sweet Sarah, I have never seen this before, how did you find it and how would you use it in a classroom?

  2. I’ve seen in a couple times on class wiki pages like this one :
    Jackie made a page too, the link is on her blog 😛
    I found it time consuming but pretty neat to look at in the end.

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