Lights! Camera! Action!

Tonight in class we were given the opportunity to explore using digital videos in the classroom.  I am fairly familiar with iMovie and Movie Maker and am comfortable with using those programs with my students; however, I did not realize that there are so many different types of videos you can make!  Different types of videos include:
– Talking Video Head
– Screen Casts
– Caught on Tape
– The Slide Show
– The Mash Up
– The Edited Movie

Dean also mentioned during his presentation that when having your students shoot videos for an assignment, have a time limit of 3 minutes maximum because videos are far to complex to be any longer than that.

Here is an example of a complex video that was shot very well.  I found this video extremely touching and I just had to share.

Since we were learning about making videos in the class, we were most definitely allowed to try to make one ourselves.  Kristina, Krystal, and I worked together to create a short silent video and ended up having a ton of fun making it.  Here is what my group created!

One response to “Lights! Camera! Action!

  1. Good job at summing this up … I really hope you took something from the session. I felt it was a lot of fun, and the creativity was wonderful.

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