The World at Your Finger Tips

Over the course of the past week all I have been able to think about is how much I enjoy the power of the internet. Not only make my research for the papers I am currently writing, but allows me to connect and have conversations with people that I normally would not.  Last week I was able to meet with Kelly Hine’s class for the second time on Skypeblog where I post questions for her students to share their thoughts and ideas and answers.  I have also been commenting on their blog quite often, which I have found really quite enjoyable.  These students are very talented – I couldn’t help but be impressed with the commercials they made from scratch about recycling.  Check out their blog post to see examples of the talent I am referring to. 🙂   I find it facinating that these grade 4 students are being provided the experience to learn about places and communities other than their own (and see the snow with the help of my webcam, they all gasped when they saw how bright it was).   Not only are they connecting with me, they are also connecting with other classes around the United States through Skype and their class blog.  Now how cool is that?
and am really enjoying getting to know her students.  I have set up a

When using the World Wide Web the world at your finger tips!  It is true.

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