iT Summit Conference Voice Thread


I decided to try something new and reflect on my experience at the iT Summit Conference via a Voicethread.  For some reason I can not get it to embed into my blog post, but please click here to listen to what I learned about E-merging Learning.


6 responses to “iT Summit Conference Voice Thread

  1. Using Voicethread as a tool for reflection as you have done here makes such great sense. I appreciate your reflections, the way you have summed the sessions up, and your excellent use of audio (you have a great voice for this).

    Well done Sarah!

  2. I agree with Alec’s post. Adding that, I would like to see more of this “reflective” use of Voicethread. It’s great use of photos…could you get more people who were there to add?

  3. I’m in awe Sarah! You did an excellent job on the Voice thread.

    I am also now convinced that I will be attending this conference next year; sounds like every session was valuable!

  4. rochelleanderson

    Absolutely awesome! I wish I could have went. I love this as a means of reflection, since we have reflected so much it is such a cool and different way, I might borrow this idea for my end of class reflection for emcp 455!

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