About Me


Here is a little bit of information about me…

I was born and raised in the town of Meadow Lake, a town where everyone knows everyone and are greets you with a smile when passing on the street.  When I was a lot younger, Meadow Lake was fairly small, but has now grown to into a small ‘city’ and has a population of just over 5,000 people.  It is located about 6 hours north of Regina, surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests.

In my free time I love to read, and spend time with friends and family.  Being physically active is a key part of my life and I love going for walks, rollerblading, and waterskiing.  I try and take full advantage of my free time (since as a student I do not have much of it) and enjoy every minute of it.

I have always wanted to be a teacher; when growing up, we would always play school and it was just natural for me to jump into the role of the teacher.  I would write the student attendance on the board, as well as the daily class schedule and begin teaching basic math or reading stories to my sister and cousin.  When in high school I did a bit of volunteer work in the elementary schools, as well as a work experience class, and helped out in the classroom.  I just knew that education was my chosen career choice an I felt lucky when graduation knowing what I would be working towards in university.

I chose the University of Regina for two reasons:
1. It was a direct entry program that was well recognized in western Canada
2. It was far from home and I was ready to try something new.

It is hard to believe that I am almost finished my time at the university and am very excited to begin my future as an educator.  Having completed pre-internship and internship, I have amazed myself with how much I have grown as a professional.   And as I continue to grow as a professional, I am constantly reminded through my students and my reflections that I have made the right choice for my future.

**Here is a quick little bio that I have completed for ECMP 455.  The volume isnt the best, but its a great first try in a very long time with video editing 🙂


2 responses to “About Me

  1. Katie Warren (Techy Nana)

    I love your upbeat video! Good luck to you as you continue your adventures in teaching and technology.

  2. Your video is the future: To the point in 55! Imagine your elementary or middle school students able to do this!

    You are well on your way to touching the future.

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