Agribition 2008 – I organized a trip to agribition for my class of 28 students with 4 parent volunteers.  It was a great learning experience to go hand in hand with our SK Agriculture unit in Social Studies.

Computers in the Classroom

Computers in the Classroom – I used the computers with my students fairly often in both my pre-internship and internship years.  We made Wacky Web Tales, played interactive math games, made mind maps, and practiced our typing skills (learning homerow is very important).


Teaching Moment – We learned about the digestive system in health class.  Did you know that your salivary glands produce about 6 cups of saliva a day?  Neat!


Fractions and Baking – When learning about fractions, we thought that the best way to understand mixed fractions was to see them in recipes.  So out came my chef hat and we made some baked bannock.  Nothing tastes better than a little warm bannock with jam.  What a tasty way to learn how to read fractions!


Volleyball – Mclurg Mustangs 2008 Sr. Girls Team


Holiday Play 2008 – We were Little Green Men in the play this year.  We sang about the elves helping Santa build all his toys at Christmas time.


Christmas 2008 – Just before the holidays, we took part in a gift exchange.  We read a story about the Right family that told us which way to pass our gifts.


A Trip to the Rink – Because I am so passionate about living an active lifestyle, I organized a trip to the rink so the kids could go skating.  We had such a good time that everyone was falling asleep on the bus ride home.


Goodbye Miss Hill – The kids gave me a beautiful cake on the last day of class that included all 28 student names, plus all 3 teacher (coop, paraprofessional, and me) names.  It was almost too pretty to cut!


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