Projects and Assignments

ECMP 455 – Assessments


Activity Description
Personal Blog/Portfolio
Participants will each develop a personal blogfolio to document learning and provide reflection throughout course activities, interactions and readings. The blogfolio will play an important role in your personal learning for this course, and will be a central communication tool between you and other community members. Your blogfolio should show evidence of:

  • personal reflection of course learning activities;
  • frequent reading and analysis of key educational articles, media, and/or blog posts from other educational bloggers;
  • interaction with other community members through pingbacks and commenting; and,
  • thoughtful, critical reflection of the use of technology in your personal, educational (e.g., work) context. The blogfolio should also include personal information to identify yourself as an author and/or educator. Discussions regarding privacy (e.g., what to include) will occur in the early weeks of the course.
Documentation, Definition, & Development of a PLE/PLN. Much of the learning in this course will be focused on building and better understanding personal learning environments and networks, and their potential in teaching & learning. This assignment requires experimentation, immersion, and reflection. For this assignment, you will learn to use emerging social tools, connect to others, participate in shared or collaborative activities, and to document and reflect on your experiences. This documentation should be comprehensive, highlighting your minute and general experiences. The documentation can be done in any format(s) you wish. It is hoped that this assignment will help us all better understand the potential (or nonpotential) for the PLE/PLN in education.
Major Digital Project Students will develop a digital project related to technology in teaching and learning. This project is wide-open to possibilities. Some ideas: portion of an online course or unit, digital video (e.g., presentation, advertisement), educational resource website, course blog or wiki, etc. Students will be expected to submit a proposal for approval. There will be a reflective component to each project, which will be tied in to the blogfolio.
Student Mentoring There will be an opportunity in this course to participate in active student mentoring. This will mean forming relationships with students through their blogs, commenting on their work, helping to give guidance, answering questions, and possibly participating in other forms of feedback and communication.

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