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Creation of Our Final Project

For our final project, Kristina and I have decided to make a ‘Twitter in the Classroom’ wikipage since Twitter is becoming more and more popular everyday.  When this wikipage is complete, you will find:

– an explanation of what Twitter is
– the steps of how to set up a Twitter account
– an introduction to using Tweet Deck
– the benefits of using Twitter in your classroom
– some ideas on how to use Twitter in the classroom
– commonly asked questions about Twitter
– a list of resources that we used to complete our project
– and much more!

Some of the pages will have a video that matched the text instructions/steps as a visual for you to follow along.  We will be making these videos using Jing to record our computer screens while using Twitter.  Since we had never used Jing before, we decided to make a trial video to test it out.  So far, we have found it rather easy to use; however, we have struggled uploading the video to our blog since we are using the ‘free’ version and are not able to upload our screen casts to You Tube.  We have been able to post it as a link though, so click here to see our very first Jing creation!

Special thanks to Alec and Dean for helping us out after class tonight to teach us how to upload a Jing video to our wikipage. 🙂

Making Connections

Over the course of the week I have really been thinking about all the connections I have been making throughout my Pesronal Learning Network.

CONNECTIONS: a relation between two things or events.

The connections I am making are growing every day.  I am following, and am being followed, by new people on Twitterconnecting through Twitter.  My blog stats are now almost at 1000.  I get rather excited everytime I post on my blogClustr Map is an excellent visual for where people from who are reading my thoughts as well.   One again, I am connecting to people through my blog.  Whenever I read someone else’s blog posts, I am making connections to what I am reading, making relatoins between two things or events.  When listening to the lecture in my computer class I am connecting to what is being said, I am relating the information to background knowledge or to an experience I have had.  I am making connections to friends everytime I check my Facebook page, send a text message, or even when walking to school and notice that the girl I just walked past is wearing the same jacket as me.  Making connections is constant.
every day.  I have never met most of these people face to face before, and I probably never will.  But we are and notice how how many people are reading my thoughts.  The

Making connections happen every day in everything that you are doing.  Most of the time you don’t even realize it.  It can be anywhere, anytime, and about anything.  From the foods you are eating, to clothes you are wearing, to TV shows you are watching.  We are constantly making connections to make life make sense .  The connections have to be there in order to learn and be interested.  Where would we be without these connections?

One of the more recent connections I have made lately was the connection I made to a few of the students’ blogs in EC&I 831 class.  I was speaking to my sister on Facebook chat earlier this week and she told me that one of our previous high school teachers had seen one of my assignments in a class he was taking .   I was proud but rather confused; what assignment of mine would show up in class in my home town, which is 6 hours north of where I currently live and how would it get there?  I thought about it for a little while before it dawned on me.  I made the connection. This teacher must be talking about my blog or my personal documentation of my technological growth I am keeping in a Google Doc.  The prof, who happens to be my prof as well, must have showed it to the class in an Elluminate sesson.  My assignment had been displayed and the connection was made.    It had to be it, it couldn’t be anything else.  As it turns out, 3 of my former high school teachers are taking that class while working on their masters.  I realized this by checking out the participant directory on the class wiki. And there they were, Mr H, Mr G, and Mr M (sorry guys, but you will always be a Mr to me.  Using a first name would just be too weird).  This connectionAnd with the right tools, you can connect to anyone/anything in the entire world.
I had just made turned into an ‘uh huh’ moment for me.  The world really isn’t as big as you think it is.


Where would we be without these connections?

Something New

So over the past week I have been working really hard on beginning to create a social network of friends on Twitter and been posting my thoughts on my blog.  I have to say that the response I have received is amazing! People I don’t even know have commented on my blog and have had discussions with me about professional issues on Twitter.  Its like I am living in a whole new world online.  Twitter is really user friendly and I like it a lot, although I think the text box limits you to what you want to say.  Sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough to express your full thought (s) or ask a question.

Just a small reflection to a posting I read this morning about Flickr accounts… I have such mixed feelings about my comfort level in regards to social networking and sharing information about myself online.  I’m sure I will get more comfortable as time goes in my computer class, but I just have to keep reminding myself that identity theft, etc is not as common as MSM makes it out to be (Thanks Alec for sharing that with me).  Afterall, I do post pictures on Facebook and I’m sure that even though I have the security cranked up as high as it will go, anyone who knows what they are doing can see them.I think that sharing stories and what not is great because it sends ideas and information to people who normally would not hear.   So far, there has been 158 hits on my blog, mostly from the States.  These people have heard some of my stories and normally would not.  I find this kind of fascinating.


So I’m new at using wordpress and am still unsure of how to add a few things to my blog, such as a clustr map, calender, youtube video, and photo (I have figured out how to add a photo to my gallery, but how to I insert it onto a page?)

I am slowly but surely figuring out Twitter and Google Reader and continue to be amazed at just how many people are out there in the virtual world!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!