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Tweet Tweet

twitter-birdSo if you would have asked me a couple of years ago, along with many others in society, if I knew what Twitter was I would have said no. But now, almost everyone has heard of Twitter, uses Twitter, and speaks the Twitter Lingo – from Tweets, to Tweetpic, to TweetDeck, to be TWEEtchable! I am hearing conversations about Twitter almost every day. While driving out to a friend’s place the other day I heard Crash speak about it on the radio and how celebrities and other big names are using it answer the common question – What are you doing? Everyone is using it! When taking a look at the Top Twitter User Ranking and Stats, you will see names such as Obama, Britney Spears, Al Gore, Ashton Kutcher, Jimmy Fallon, and Lance Armstrong all in the top 10. I was surprised that Alec Couros wasn’t in the top 10 – everyone knows that its Alec who is pretty much to thank for Twitters big boom. His name is used in Twitter examples all the time, from interviews on CBC’s Morning Addition to How to Use Twitter pages on the internet. What is one word you think of when you think Twitter – Alec Couros ( 🙂 no lie, I bet some people do think that! Alec Couros is pretty much a celebrity online!). Or maybe you would think Ellen and P. Diddy when asked about Twitter?

Twitter is a fantastic way to develop your PLN and communicate with others. After all, communication is the essense. Why not zoom into the world and find out what others are doing in your social network. Or maybe you are looking for some resources for a lesson in your classroom. Well why not send out a tweet and ask on Twitter? Your answer an much more may come to you instantly (not always the case, but most of the times it isn’t hard to find an answer when you have many people in your network). Twitter is becoming so popular that even Facebook wants to be like it. The homepage on Facebook now looks very similar to a column on Tweetdeck. “Twitter currently controls the most contemporary thought stream humanity has ever seen” so what are you doing about it? Or should I just simply ask “What are you doing?”